Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Variety Of Reasons That Electronic Voting Is Better Than Traditional Voting

If you are responsible for collecting votes for a a non-profit organization, business or college campus, then it is important that you learn about electronic voting. Voting has been around for ages, but until recently it had to be achieved primarily with paper and a pencil, which can be very cumbersome and cost a lot of money. If you are considering using electronic ballots instead of typical paper and pencil ballots, here are some of the key things you should know. 

First, if you opt for electronic ballots you can save a lot of money over paper ballots. Electronic ballots are much more affordable than paper ballots and pencils because they don't require that you invest a lot of money on supplies. Both paper and pencils may seem like really small expenditures, but when you have to invest in a lot of them, the price can add up very quickly. Keep in mind that voters will need to use pencils to vote with, which means pencil sharpeners will be needed which is yet another supply cost. You do not need all those supplies when it comes to electronic voting, so it will be less expensive. 

Another great advantage to electronic voting is the fact that it's a lot easier for voters. Voters can cast their ballots the electronic way, which is an additional benefit, when people can easily click a button and move on quickly. With paper ballots, voters are required to pencil in a bubble for each of their answers, or to write their answers down. This takes longer for people to manage, and in today's times, people have very busy schedules. The more hassle-free you make the voting process, the more likely you will be to increase voter participation and make the voting process itself much more time-efficient. 

Third, if you opt for electronic voting it will be much simpler for you to tally the final votes. Instead of painstakingly counting up every ballot and keeping tabs on every vote, the results will be delivered electronically as soon as the voting period is over with. This can be especially helpful if you need to present the votes to a panel soon after the voting period is completed. It can also help to remove the possibility of human error when counting votes and make your results much more dependable and accurate. 

Fourth, if you opt to use electronic ballots, you will be showing that you care about the environment. It is very unpopular and irresponsible these days to use paper products needlessly, and if you would like to show your support for "green" Initiatives, using electronic ballots instead of paper ballots is a great way to do so. 

Fifth, if you choose to use electronic ballots as an alternative to paper ballots, you won't have to figure out how to store all of your leftover supplies or how to dispose of or store your used ballots. The need to keep track of where to store supplies and the space necessary are both time wasters. However, electronic ballots are saved electronically, which only takes up cyber space in place of space in your storage unit. 

If you keep the above benefits in mind, it is easy to see why electronic ballots are becoming much more preferred than paper ballots.

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